D3fy Conquest Paintball Gun


The paintball is a game that is played using a mask and a paintball marker. Paintball is played with certain rules and regulations. The most important rule is that the players should not get shot by a paintball or mark. If we get hit by the paintball we will be eliminated from the game. Otherwise, we are free to carry on with the game.  The elimination will give points to the opposite team. The paintball gun is loaded with the gelatin shells that are filled with a type of paint to produce marks when hit on a surface. This will leave you covered in color. This gun is used by professional teams and players for tournaments. D3fy Conquest paintball gun is used for playing this game by many teams. The varieties of paintball are woods ball and speed ball. Woodsball is played in a large area and speedball is played in smaller areas. Paintball technology is also used in military and in some security organizations. Paintballs are heavy and are slower than the bullets from other guns.

If the paintball gun hits on your body strongly, it will result in injuries. However, the damage depends on the velocity of the paintball. Players must wear the masks to protect eyes, mouth, and ears. D3fy conquest paintball gun is one of the latest paintball guns in the industry. This model can be considered as an easy choice for those who just started to play the game. The d3fy Conquest paintball gun has been designed to be user-friendly and reliable, that’s why It is easy to assemble and clean.  Thankfully we do not need to spend a lot of time for that. This marker has been designed to perform even in a high-end level game and it is available in different colors.

The trigger frame (made of polymer) and the aluminum body make it a lightweight paintball gun. It is having CO2 compressed air tanks. The loader on the top of the gun is locked using fusing clamp. The Hilt reverse grip covers user’s palms and for an easy firing, the Delrin bolt is used. This gun has a 10.5 inch barrel and comes with .68 caliber paintballs. The 20oz gun comes with paintballs for 1190 shots and the 12oz gun can shoot up to 700 shots. The D3FY Conquest measures 18 x 8.5 x 1 inches and weighs around 2lbs. For the lubrication purpose, the company has included an oil packet with the product. You are entitled to two years of standard warranty from the company for D3FY Conquest. To avail this you have to register the gun’s details with the company.

Once you purchase a paintball gun, you need to check whether it works properly and also, check for the accessories that come along with the gun for your safety.

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